The man who is the face of ‘Storage Wars’- Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss never would have thought that he would be a celebrity when Thom Beers, the creator of the hit show ‘Storage Wars’ offered him to come up on the show. Barry who was a businessman and spent 25 years of his life in the export and import of fruits and vegetables, retired after he decided to live the life that he was left with.

A Capricorn, Barry wanted to travel around the complete world and did that but soon got bored and returned to his home. He and his brother had made quite lot money out of their company “Northern Produce” and so Barry had enough money to carry out his passion of collecting antique items.

The opportunity of coming on the show “Storage Wars” came his way and today he is the most popular character in it. Barry Weiss is a straight forward man and admits to the very fact that he is not in the show for making money out of it.

He is in it for fun and that is what he looks forward to that is having a good time. That is the reason he keeps most of the items that he wins on the show.

barry weiss

He keeps stuff that appears cool to him and the rest he either sells off or gives in charity. The man has net worth of $9 million and that makes it pretty clear that money is something that doesn’t bother him.

Barry Weiss loves annoying the other characters on the show with his eccentric ways and he laughs on the fact that this is what gives him immense pleasure and satisfaction. We often see Barry Weiss doing strange stuff on the show to find the contents inside the storage lockers.

At times he brings psychics to discern the value of the contents in the locker. Then sometimes we see him using goggles with night visions and once he used remote controlled helicopters and attached cameras to it.

Taking help of a pair of fake German attorneys too left the characters on the show with their eyes wide open. The list of his strange and surprising ways is long and interesting at the same time.

His skeletal padded gloves are his signature style and along with it his shirts and his accessories. Barry Weiss knows how to keep it simple and yet engrossing.

He knows people love him for the way he does things. He has a Facebook fan page after his name.

barry weiss

His attitude is remarkable and his wit is what makes him popular and famous. He is the face of the show today not just like that.

There are reasons behind why people love him and want to see him again and again driving his stylish cars on the auction on the show. Recently he was in the news for the new show that will kick off on A&E network named “WHAT ARE YOU WORTH?”  In this show Barry Weiss is seen helping families who are cash- strapped and give them ways to make extra money.

This man truly has a long way to go.


Barry Weiss – The Perpetual Enigma

Even though the series has ended, Barry Weiss continues to remain a perpetual enigma. He still haunts the imaginations of viewers and critics alike with his eccentricity and odd ball character which they saw plenty of on the show “Storage Wars”.

Storage Wars enjoyed phenomenal success and to this day remains one of the top rated shows of A&E on prime time television. The show, brain child of Thom Beers, who is also the executive producer started in 2010 in Southern California.

It then moved on to other abandoned location units in Nevada, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, etc. Viewers have appreciated the unique concept which is the perfect blend of inquisitiveness and adventure.

The show consists of four buyers who bid in an auction about the storage unit they intend to buy. It was Thom Beers only who talked Barry Weiss into starring in the show as a buyer.

After Barry’s entry, the show’s ratings hiked to an unimaginable level and were at one time the most watched show on a Tuesday night. Barry Weiss once brought a psychic to the show so that he may succeed in the auction and confirm whether he is getting his money’s worth.


One other time he brought a little man on stilts on the show so that he may bend over and inform Barry about the contents of the discarded storage unit. Barry has from a very young age enjoyed collecting antiques.

He started bidding from the age of 15! He has indeed come a long way since then; considering that he is over 60 now.

His cool kid attitude, the polished pulled back grey mane, the West Coast Choppers signature glasses, and the sizable amount of vehicles that he has (He has arrived on the sets on a truck, a motor bike, various cars etc) has earned him the nickname “The Collector”. He has a huge fortune and was not in the show for the money, but rather for the thrill of unknown contents.

Barry Weiss, along with his brother Joey Weiss started “Northern Produce”, a wholesale distributing company for groceries. Being in the business for more than 25 years, they made quite a fortune.

While Joey continues to remain the CEO of Northern Produce in Commerce, California, Barry has been looking to enhance his collectibles after retiring from business. Being a wealth man, he can afford certain luxuries.

He has houses in the affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles. So where is Barry Weiss now?

los angeles

The latest reports suggest Barry Weiss to be in preparation for the launch of his own new show on A&E tentatively titled “What Are You Worth?” Barry Weiss was once married and has a couple of kids. He is well aware of his fan following and regularly receives marriage proposals on Facebook.

Who is Barry Weiss?

Most people would have heard the name of Barry Weiss, the star of the American reality show ‘Storage Wars’. Even though there are several other regular bidders on the show along with the auctioneers, Laura and Dan Dotson, it would not be wrong to say that Barry Weiss has stolen the spotlight.

Ever since his advent on the show, it has reached new heights. Also, it is generally agreed that Barry is indeed the USP of the show.

It is for him that a number of people tune into each episode of ‘Storage Wars’. So, who is this intriguing man who has got a good part of the American television viewers hooked to his actions and personality?

Barry Weiss is a retired millionaire who has now taken a special interest in the auctions of storage lockers. So, why the sudden interest in storage lockers?

Was he a frequent visitor to such auctions even before ‘Storage Wars’ happened to him? Well, not exactly.

Barry started to visit these auctions mainly after he became a part of the above mentioned show. Before that, he did not really have s particular interest in such auctions.

So, does that mean that the show is the only reason that he is visiting the auctions now? Does he have no personal interest in the matter?


Well, to answer this question, we have to dig deeper into the detail of who Barry Weiss actually is and what was his occupation before he landed up on the show. As we have already said, Barry Weiss wasn’t part of the world of bidding for these lockers before ‘Storage Wars’.

So, how does he own a fortune? The truth is, he had a business of exporting as well as importing of produce. This business was partnered by his brother.

His company, which goes by the name of Northern Produce, still exists and his brother is the one who handles the business now. Barry Weiss himself had retired some years before.

It is this business in produce that allowed him to earn his fortune amounting to around seven to nine million dollars. However, it would be helpful to state here that most of this fortune exists in the form of his vintage cars and his antique collectible items.

This brings us to Barry’s interest in storage lockers. As many people watching the show would know, the storage lockers that are put on auction often contain several valuable and rare items.

This is what Barry Weiss is actually interested in. He has been a dedicated collector of rare antique goods since his teenage years.

rare antique goods

This is why he had started to take part in auctions initially. However, storage lockers were not on his lust at that time.

Now that he is retired, Barry Weiss spends his fortune in doing what he loves, i.e. collecting rare collectible things. The reason he is part of ‘Storage Wars’ is also the same.

The show gives him a chance to do exactly what he has always loved doing. It is this love for antiques that prevents Barry from making a lot of profit from the storage lockers that he bids on.

Even though he often finds valuables in the lockers, he prefers to keep most of the things himself. Whatever he actually likes gets added to his collection.

He hardly sells any piece of his own liking. This is who Barry Weiss is, in short.

All About Barry Weiss

It is only natural that any person who is a fan of the show ‘Storage Wars’ would be curious about Barry Weiss. This person has gained a lot of fans very swiftly, ever since he first appeared on the show.

Apparently, one of his friends, who was working on the concept of the show had suggested that Barry Weiss should be a part of this venture. Barry thought of it as an opportunity to continue his quest for collectible stuff.

Apparently, he has had an interest in antiques and similar rare things ever since he was fifteen years of age. Since that time, he has always tried to get his hands on any rare goods that he may find.

In fact this was initially there reason that Barry Weiss started to visit auctions in the first place. However, many of his fans would know, that Barry Weiss was never really into the auction of storage lockers, before he became involved with ‘Storage Wars’.

Only when he was approached for the show did Barry put some thought into taking this up. The main reason that he did decide to be a part of ‘Storage Was ‘ is that it presented to him a unique opportunity of being able to get his hands on a number of rare goods.

rare goods

It is with this thought in mind that Barry had initially considered being on ‘Storage Wars’. This is what sets him apart from any other person on the above mentioned show.

Everyone else is there for earning profits. Unlike Barry Weiss, they o not look at ‘Storage Wars’ as a fun game.

To them, it is an extension of their professional lives. Barry Weiss on the other hand is not too interested in gains and profits.

He often jokes that he already has a lot of money and he is a retiree. So, he is more interested in satisfying his desire for antique goods and enjoying the time that he spends on the set of the show.

Also, those who have watched the show will know that he often turns up in a number of different remarkable cars. The most famous one among his cars is undoubtedly the Cowboy Cadillac.

For anyone who has not had the opportunity to see this car, it is a masterpiece and no less. The car is custom made and as many suggest, it would be more suitable if it was present on the set of a Batman’ film.

Even apart from this remarkable vehicle, Barry Weiss owns at least four more striking ones. This means, he must actually be really wealthy.


So, how is it that Barry Weiss earned himself a fortune? People who follow ‘Storage Wars’ would know that he either adds the things that he purchases to his collection, or he donates them. The percentage that he actually sells for a profit is very small.

On top of that, he does not sell anything made of fur. So, how did the man earn this fortune?  The truth is, Barry had a business in produce which is still functioning under his brother.

It is this business of import as well as export of produce, which enabled him to build his seven to nine million dollar fortune. This is all about Barry Weiss in short.

Who Is Barry Weiss from Storage Wars?

Barry Weiss rose to fame as one of the regulars of the hit reality television show, Storage Wars. The show’s premise is pretty simple, when storage lockers are not paid for three months these are being auctioned to professional buyers.

What makes the show interesting is the personality of the buyers and of course the items inside the storage. There are times that they get to find merchandise that is far more valuable than the amount they paid for the entire storage locker.

The battle between the buyers and the hidden treasure in the storage make millions of people watch the show. From the moment you start watching Storage Wars, it’s definitely hard not to notice Barry for his eccentric personality.

Aside from that, he differs from other buyers because he’s laid back. Unlike the other buyers who are often seen very serious in competing for a storage.

Perhaps, buying and selling items from the storage unit is their main source of income. At age 60, Barry is still very active in buying storage units than to retire at the comfort of his home.

He is also often referred to as “The Collector”. He is very rich with an estimated net worth of around 7 million dollars.

Barry Weiss
Every episode he would showcase his collection of different vehicles like custom and vintage cars, trucks as well as motorcycles. His skeleton gloves and West Coast Chopper glasses are his trademark accessories.

But why is Barry Weiss really rich and where does he get the money to buy these storage lockers? When you watch the show you will notice that each storage is being bought for at least $1,000. And because nobody is allowed to check out the entire storage before purchasing it, nothing valuable is guaranteed when you buy the storage.

This business is really expensive however for Barry Weiss it is not really about the money. He is more into the storage wars because of the hidden treasure that he can add to his collection.

Contrary to some reports, Barry did not get his fortune from producing records. People sometimes confuse him for the producer of the same name.

Barry actually acquired his wealth through a business. Together with his brother Joey Weiss, Barry owned a produce company called Northern Produce.

It is a distributor of wholesale produce in California. Barry Weiss was in this business for 20-25 years.

northern produce

This is why it is not surprising that he can afford the numerous storage lockers being auctioned in the show. Collecting antique items is really Barry’s first love, he’s been collecting all his life that is why it is no wonder that he is very active in pursuing storage lockers in hopes to find a hidden treasure.

Barry continues to amuse people for his one of a kind strategies to get the best storage. Believe it or not he once consulted psychics to help him.

He even wore night vision goggles to peek into dark storage units. That’s why Barry Weiss truly stands out among the buyers from the show.