Who Is Barry Weiss from Storage Wars?

Barry Weiss rose to fame as one of the regulars of the hit reality television show, Storage Wars. The show’s premise is pretty simple, when storage lockers are not paid for three months these are being auctioned to professional buyers.

What makes the show interesting is the personality of the buyers and of course the items inside the storage. There are times that they get to find merchandise that is far more valuable than the amount they paid for the entire storage locker.

The battle between the buyers and the hidden treasure in the storage make millions of people watch the show. From the moment you start watching Storage Wars, it’s definitely hard not to notice Barry for his eccentric personality.

Aside from that, he differs from other buyers because he’s laid back. Unlike the other buyers who are often seen very serious in competing for a storage.

Perhaps, buying and selling items from the storage unit is their main source of income. At age 60, Barry is still very active in buying storage units than to retire at the comfort of his home.

He is also often referred to as “The Collector”. He is very rich with an estimated net worth of around 7 million dollars.

Barry Weiss
Every episode he would showcase his collection of different vehicles like custom and vintage cars, trucks as well as motorcycles. His skeleton gloves and West Coast Chopper glasses are his trademark accessories.

But why is Barry Weiss really rich and where does he get the money to buy these storage lockers? When you watch the show you will notice that each storage is being bought for at least $1,000. And because nobody is allowed to check out the entire storage before purchasing it, nothing valuable is guaranteed when you buy the storage.

This business is really expensive however for Barry Weiss it is not really about the money. He is more into the storage wars because of the hidden treasure that he can add to his collection.

Contrary to some reports, Barry did not get his fortune from producing records. People sometimes confuse him for the producer of the same name.

Barry actually acquired his wealth through a business. Together with his brother Joey Weiss, Barry owned a produce company called Northern Produce.

It is a distributor of wholesale produce in California. Barry Weiss was in this business for 20-25 years.

northern produce

This is why it is not surprising that he can afford the numerous storage lockers being auctioned in the show. Collecting antique items is really Barry’s first love, he’s been collecting all his life that is why it is no wonder that he is very active in pursuing storage lockers in hopes to find a hidden treasure.

Barry continues to amuse people for his one of a kind strategies to get the best storage. Believe it or not he once consulted psychics to help him.

He even wore night vision goggles to peek into dark storage units. That’s why Barry Weiss truly stands out among the buyers from the show.


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